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2405, 2019

Have you had your KangaTech assessment yet?

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With the Adelaide Marathon just around the corner, it's important to make sure your body is prepared. Here at Saunders Physiotherapy we know just the thing to get you sorted. KangaTech is an injury prevention and management hardware and software platform currently used to test for and retrain neuromuscular [...]

1204, 2019

What’s in a warm-up

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By Alex McVeighIs your warm-up doing enough? The goal of warm-ups traditionally has been to prepare the body for sports.However, recently at elite levels teams are using warm-ups as an opportunity to build strength, enhance performance and decrease injury risk.Recent research from FIFA has shown that warm-ups that include hip, [...]

411, 2018

Postural and respiratory activation of the trunk muscles changes with mode and speed of locomotion

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Article in Posture 20(3):280-90 · January 2005 Steven W. Saunders, David Rath, Paul W. Hodges Despite the importance of the deep intrinsic spinal muscles for trunk control, few studies have investigated their activity during human locomotion or how this may change with speed and mode of locomotion. Furthermore, it has not [...]

411, 2018

Changes in three dimensional lumbo-pelvic kinematics and trunk muscle activity with speed and mode of locomotion

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Article in Clinical Biomechanics 20(8):784-93 · November 2005 Steven W. Saunders, Anthony Schache, David Rath, Paul W. Hodges Control of the trunk is critical for locomotor efficiency. However, investigations of trunk muscle activity and three-dimensional lumbo-pelvic kinematics during walking and running remain scarce. Gait parameters and three-dimensional lumbo-pelvic kinematics were [...]