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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for children at Saunders Physiotherapy focuses on a range of conditions specific to children, including:

  • pelvic health complaints
  • developmental delays
  • sports related injuries
  • low muscle tone
  • postural concerns
  • balance difficulties
  • decreased strength and conditioning

Physiotherapy provides a non-invasive solution to address pain and assist children to grow and function to the best of their ability. Treatment plans are fun and functional and can be incorporated into activities of daily living.

Jane Burton has been working in paediatric physiotherapy for 15 years and, with a related interest in women’s health physiotherapy, has recently undertaken further learning in paediatric pelvic health. As a mother of 5 children, she has experienced the variations in how children become continent and the stress that difficulties with incontinence can cause the child and family.

While childhood pelvic health complaints are common, they are also treatable. The Continence Foundation of Australia recommends seeking health professional advice if a child is aged 4 years and over and experiences regular incontinence (day wetting, bed wetting or soiling). Often people are told that their child will ‘grow out of it’. This can be true, however, if left untreated it may develop into adulthood difficulties. 1 in 50 18-year-olds still experience bed wetting.

Some of the common causes of paediatric pelvic conditions include:

  • Constipation (paediatric constipation differs from adult constipation)
  • Toilet avoidance
  • Tight pelvic floor muscles
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Breathing abnormalities and/or muscle imbalances
  • Contributing factors may include diet, fluid intake and poor toileting habits.

Physiotherapy for pelvic conditions focuses on the whole body. An assessment involves a thorough developmental history followed by evaluating posture, muscle length and strength, breathing, muscle tone, core muscle control, constipation, diet/fluid intake and toileting education.

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