Discover the revolutionary self-treatment device for joint and muscle health. Developed by Dr. Steve Saunders, The EZR is perfect for athletes, therapists, and anyone suffering from musculoskeletal issues. Available in two firmness options.


Unlock the Secret to Joint and Muscle Health with The EZR

Developed by Dr. Steve Saunders, a leading expert with over 30 years of experience in treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions, The EZR is the self-treatment tool you didn’t know you needed.

Why Choose The EZR?

  • Deep, Localised Treatment: Get precise treatment for a range of joint and muscle disorders.
  • Stress-Free Use: Save your hands from stress and possible osteoarthritis, a concern for over 80% of physiotherapists using traditional manipulative techniques.
  • Empower Your Self-Care: Understand your body better and treat issues as they arise, guided by detailed information provided with every EZR purchase.
  • Used by the Pros: Loved by world record holders, Olympians, and professional athletes across multiple disciplines.

Key Features

  • Broad Applicability: Ideal for treating headaches, back & neck pain, pelvic pain, hip & groin pain, sciatica, and more.
  • Unique Design: Incorporates features that assist in various massage and joint mobilisation techniques.
  • Instant Relief: Promotes more rapid recovery and immediate symptom relief when used between consultations.
  • Improve Flexibility: Enhances flexibility and aids in injury prevention when used alongside an appropriate exercise program.

Available in Two Variants

  • Black (extra firm): For those who prefer intense pressure.
  • Blue (firm): For a gentler touch.

Order yours now and embark on a journey to better musculoskeletal health.

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