Patients at Saunders Physiotherapy benefit substantially from our hands-on approach.  Following a detailed and extensive assessment, manual therapy techniques are used depending on the nature of the condition.  This may include deep tissue / myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilisation / manipulation amongst others.  These techniques are designed to reduce pain, increase range of movement, and restore biomechanical alignment issues.

Saunders Physiotherapy is well known for its expertise for treating and managing conditions of the pelvis, lumbar spine, and hip.  Our approach for this complex region relies on a sound understanding of the relationship between anatomy, biomechanics, and function.  Manual therapy combined with an extensive exercise regime are much needed components in the treatment of this commonly misunderstood area.

Our treatment philosophies and approaches are able to be adapted to any region of the body.  Understanding the cause of an injury is essential to the management, rehabilitation, and prevention of injury which then leads to performance and optimisation.  It is for this reason that Saunders Physiotherapy is highly regarded within the Physiotherapy profession and sporting community.

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