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Meet the Team

Steve Saunders
Dr Steve SaundersFounder / Director / Physiotherapist
Steve is a renowned Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction. He is recognised internationally as a leading Clinician and High Performance Manager. Steve currently consults to numerous elite sporting teams around the world, reviewing complex athletic cases, educating staff and shaping athlete management systems / protocols. Steve is currently the Science and Medical Coordinator for the Geelong Football Club, chief scientific officer and Director of KangaTech and Director of Saunders Physiotherapy.

Steve recently returned to Adelaide after 7 years as High Performance Manager (Director of Sports Science and Medical Services) at the North Melbourne Football Club. He is now reviewing patients at Saunders Physiotherapy, consulting to multiple AFL, NBA, English Soccer and Elite athletes, while undertaking research projects with the University of SA, Flinders University and the University of Victoria.

Steve completed his PhD in 2007 at the University of Queensland investigating the motor control mechanisms underlying control of the lumbo-pelvic region during human locomotion in normal and low back pain subjects. He has published works in internationally peer-reviewed journals and continues to develop management strategies based on scientific evidence-based practice.

Steve’s combined background in scientific research and elite athlete/patient care has facilitated the development of KangaTech, a world leading injury prevention and performance system. KangaTech technology is now being utilised in the AFL, NBA, English Soccer (EPL and CL), NHL, Australian Cricket, extreme sports and research institutions.

Craig Fountain
Craig FountainPhysiotherapist
Alex McVeigh
Alex McVeighAPA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
Kym Siddons
Kym SiddonsAPA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist
Henry Lambert
Henry LambertPhysiotherapist
Anna Boden
Anna BodenPhysiotherapist
Cooper Peacock
Cooper PeacockAPA Physiotherapist

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