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Expert Solutions for Groin Pain: How Saunders Physiotherapy Can Help 

Physiotherapy consultation for groin pain

Groin pain can be a complex and frustrating issue, affecting athletes and active individuals alike. At Saunders Physiotherapy, we specialise in diagnosing and treating chronic groin pain, leveraging our expertise to help you return to your best form. Whether you’re dealing with sudden onset pain or a long-standing issue, our team is here to provide the answers and care you need.

Groin anatomy diagram

Understanding Groin Pain: Causes and Diagnosis 

Groin pain, also known as athletic pubalgia, can arise from a variety of structures and have multiple causes. It may stem from muscular imbalances or weakness, poor biomechanics, skeletal or structural factors, and or the interaction of these with load management issues. ‘It is important to understand the interplay between existing risk factors such as hip muscle weakness, poor biomechanics and training load errors that can see athletic pubalgia present and persist for periods of time that limit the careers of elite athletes every year’ Dr Saunders explains. 

Chronic groin pain effects many athletes, ranging from adolescents to elite athletes engaged in high-impact sports. Our approach at Saunders Physiotherapy begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify the root cause of your pain. Through detailed diagnostics, including 3D lower limb muscle strength profiling and real time ultrasound imaging, we pinpoint a. the source/s of pain and discomfort, whether they are related to muscles, tendons, bones, or joints, and b. the causative factors that can be modified to ensure best outcomes. 

3D hip model physiotherapy

The Saunders Method: A Tailored Approach to Groin Pain Relief, Resolution and Prevention 

Under the guidance of Dr. Steve Saunders, our clinic has developed specialised methods for assessing and treating groin pain that sees athletes from around the world travel to Adelaide for consultation. This approach involves an in-depth exploration of your specific condition, exploration of the best treatment options available, educational insights as to prevention and long-term management, and a personalised rehabilitation plan that meets your needs. Our goal is not just to just alleviate symptoms but to address the underlying cause/s of your pain, ensuring a lasting recovery. 

Key Components of Our Treatment Include: 

  • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques: Utilising the latest technology to accurately diagnose and monitor your progress.  
  • Personalised Rehabilitation Plans: Customised treatment and exercise therapy to reduce pain, correct imbalances and restore movement efficiency. 
  • Education and Prevention: Providing insights into how to prevent future injuries and maintain optimal health. 
Groin pain rehabilitation exercise

Why Choose Saunders Physiotherapy for Groin Pain? 

Saunders Physiotherapy stands out as a leader in treating chronic groin pain, with a track record of success in helping elite athletes and everyday individuals alike. Our evidence-based practices and commitment to cutting-edge research mean you receive the most effective treatment possible. 

  • Expert Team: Led by renowned physiotherapist and sports science consultant Dr. Steve Saunders, our team is highly skilled in treating complex cases of groin pain.
  • Comprehensive Care: From initial assessment to final stages of rehabilitation, we offer a full spectrum of services to ensure your complete recovery. 
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to provide you with the best possible care. 
Ensuring hip muscle control and strength is optimised plays a critical role in the management of groin pain.

Beyond Treatment: Strengthening and Prevention

At Saunders Physiotherapy, we believe in the power of injury prevention and the importance of muscle strength training in the management of groin pain. Our treatment and exercise programs are based on detailed profiling and include targeted exercises to build strength in the affected areas known to contribute to groin injury risk. We look to reduce your risk of injury recurrence and to enhance your movement performance. 

Saunders Method groin pain treatment

Get in Touch: Book Your Appointment Today

Don’t let groin pain hold you back any longer. Your health and career should not be compromised! Contact Saunders Physiotherapy to book your appointment and take the first step towards resolving your groin pain as so many others have. Book now or call us directly to learn more about how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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