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Kangatech strength testing technology measuring a patient's hip strength in a physiotherapy clinic

What is KT360?

The award winning KT360 Testing and Training platform (US Patent Number 10,729,369) consists of a portable, adaptable, easy to use fixed frame dynamometry system that allows accurate and reliable measurement of isolated neuromuscular strength, endurance and control.

Advanced software analytics allow sport specific athlete profiling to understand injury risk and guide prescription of appropriate interventions. KT have developed 35+ isometric and eccentric testing and training protocols across the whole body. They have been shown to be valid and reliable in a variety of populations, including elite athletes.

Testing one muscle group bilaterally can be done in under 30s with real time biofeedback and immediate, automated reporting designed to motivate the athlete and inform staff of outcomes instantaneously.


KT360 enables quick and reliable measurement of a range of modifiable risk factors across the whole body. While athletes engage
​in a gamified experience, they are guided through valid and reliable testing protocols and educated as to their personal results. Data from wireless sensor unit is uploaded directly to the cloud. Key statistics are collected from testing data and alerts automatically generated using KT’s unique injury risk algorithm to alert clinicians to changes in pain, strength and control, facilitating appropriate evaluation of the athlete and subsequent intervention.


The prescription of isometric, eccentric and isotonic exercises that target neuromuscular deficits have resulted in consistent, rapid and safe gains in strength and reduced rates of injury for users over the last 8 years.

KT360 enables you to prescribe training to target and improve a number of parameters with different training protocols:

Control – Maximise muscle recruitment and improve control through appropriate athlete positioning, cuing and real time bio-feedback.

Strength/Hypertrophy – Develop muscle strength and volume.

Endurance – Improve muscular endurance and control under fatigue.

Pain Modulation – Reduce pain associated with tendonopathy through controlled isometric muscle contractions at specific percentages of an athletes maximum force.

Time Under Tension – Target tendon and intra-muscular tendon compliance / stiffness through specific prescription of isometric exercises at selected percentages of maximum force, providing periods of time under tension associated with best outcomes.


KT360 plays an important role in many parts of the rehabilitation process, maximising performance and reducing risk of re-injury when rehabilitating costly hamstring, groin and ACL injuries.

Athlete profiling provides objective baseline data to assist return to play decisions, progression of training loads and assessments of athlete musculoskeletal health.

Knowing whether neuromuscular strength, endurance and control have returned to baseline, are symmetrical, and are adequate for the demands of a sport can guide management decisions and improve outcomes significantly.


KT’s local and cloud-based software allows you to collect, visualise and analyse your athletes data, allowing informed decision making and actionable insights.

Our industry leading software allows you to monitor athletes results over time, generate athlete & team reports or export data to your preferred athlete management system or in CSV file.

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