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Assessment tools used at Saunders Physiotherapy

Saunders Physiotherapists use video analysis to review movement patterns related to injury.  Retraining landing movement patterns can for example, can improve performance and reduce risk of ACL injury and knee pain.

Saunders Physiotherapy has been utilising Real Time Ultrasound since the late 1990’s and is one of the world’s pioneering clinics in the implementation of this technology in muscle recruitment assessment and re-training.  Areas commonly assessed are the muscles surrounding the trunk and hip.  Real Time Ultrasound is able to accurately demonstrate aberrant recruitment patterns of deep  stabilising muscles associated with poor biomechanics and increased injury risk.  Following this evaluation, an exercise regime is implemented to re-train these muscles. Failing to address these muscle imbalances can lead to ongoing pain and recurrent injury.

Physiotherapists at Saunders Physiotherapy offer musculoskeletal screening assessments to assist with the prevention of injury and to provide insight into how athletic performance can be improved. Have yourself, your family or the entire sporting team screened with the latest technologies to prevent injury and make sure everyone enjoys being active and healthy… don’t let injury or pain stop you doing what you want to do!

Using a hand held dynamometry, quick and accurate strength measurements are obtained to identify muscle weakness and imbalances.  Exercise prescription can then be specifically designed to address these neuromuscular issues, improve biomechanics, maximise athletic performance and reduce injury risk. See KangaTech tab for more information.