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Improve your muscle strength

With the Adelaide Fringe in full swing, many of us have been out and about to watch amazing acts from across the globe. From acrobatics to circus and physical theatre, it’s hard to believe the tricks performed on stage.

The skill and specific strength required to complete these stunts can take years to develop.

Improving strength can help all of us live better, reducing the risk of pain from conditions like osteo-arthritis and tendonopathy.

Here are three ‘do at home’ body weight exercises you can do to improve your strength:

Standing squats – Place your feet shoulder width apart and then bend your knees and hips as if you were sitting in chair.

Calf raises – Lift your heels up towards the ceiling pushing through your big toes.

Hip abduction – Lying on your side, lift your heel towards the ceiling keeping you leg inline with your body.

At Saunders Physiotherapy we can help you put together an exercises plan to improve your muscle strength specific to your lifestyle and any aches and pains you may have.

In fact for many conditions, strength is more likely to help you than stretching! We can also help diagnose any problems you are having and ensure better outcomes.

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