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What’s in a warm-up?

Is your warm-up doing enough?

The goal of warm-ups traditionally has been to prepare the body for sports.

However, recently at elite levels teams are using warm-ups as an opportunity to build strength, enhance performance and decrease injury risk.

Recent research from FIFA has shown that warm-ups that include hip, knee and ankle strengthening exercises with jump/land and sprint drills can increase sprint speed and jump height, as well as reduce injuries by 50 per cent!

We used these principles last year with the Adelaide Blue Eagles soccer club and were able to reduce injury rates by 40 per cent against the competition average (12/1000h vs 20/1000h).

This allowed the team to have more good players available and help them with their successful push to promotion to the National Premier League.

Warm-up programs for football (FootyFirst), Soccer (FIFA 11+) and Netball (KNEE) have all been developed by their various national bodies and are a great way to build generic sport specific strength.

Combining with individual profiling on KangaTeach can help to further identify target areas to enhance performance and keep players on the park.

If you’re interested about improving performance and decreasing the likelihood of injury, have a look at the resources below and speak to our physiotherapists for an detailed assessment and plan.


Nawed 2018, Sadigursky 2017

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