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Adelaide Physiotherapy: Enhance Muscle Growth with BFR Training – Book Online

Physiotherapist assisting client with BFR training at Saunders Physiotherapy

Blood Flow Restriction Training: A Revolutionary Approach to Muscle Growth and Rehabilitation

At Saunders Physiotherapy, we’re proud to offer Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training, a cutting-edge technique widely used in elite sports and clinical settings worldwide. Our experienced physiotherapists bring protocols derived from leading sports medicine practices to facilitate muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) when traditional strength training isn’t suitable.

Why Choose BFR Training?

BFR training is a safe and effective rehabilitation tool for various clinical conditions, including post-surgical rehabilitation, muscle injuries, ligament sprains, chronic pain, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, and COPD. It allows for comparable muscle growth using low-intensity strength training (lighter weights), which is ideal when patients experience pain or their joints cannot handle the forces of high-intensity strength training.

How Does BFR Training Work?

BFR training restricts venous blood flow from muscles while maintaining arterial inflow. This process leads to rapid fatigue of type I motor units, allowing the recruitment of type II units, which are typically engaged with heavy weights/high-intensity training. The increased metabolic stress and release of growth hormones are crucial for muscle growth.

Ensuring Safety and Personalised Care

Before beginning BFR training, all patients are assessed for contraindications by our trained physiotherapists to ensure it’s safe and appropriate for their individual needs.

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Experience the benefits of BFR training and take the first step towards enhanced muscle growth and rehabilitation. Visit our online booking page to schedule your session with our expert physiotherapists.

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